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Dr. Hauschka Treatments

The Dr.Haucshka Treatment - cost £97.00
Science and nature are in perfect balance with this unique and sensational experience. The Dr.Hauschka Treatment takes you on a 2 hour journey beginning with a warming sage foot bath to relieve you of any stresses you may have. After a consultation we continue; massage and stretches on the legs, arms,neck and scalp allow the body to completely relax. Specific techniques are used to support the skin and bring it back into rhythm with nature. These include warm and cool compresses, steam inhalation and a wonderful massage using delicate soft brushes. During the 2 hours your whole body becomes more aware of the senses. Smell, touch and breath are very important for all of us and the Dr.Hauschka Treatment embraces this.

The room is quiet during your time with your Esthetician, so you are not focusing on anything but your experience. This is far more than just a facial.

The Dr.Hauschka Treatment and products remain unchanged for over 40 years due to their proven and popular results. All of the ingredients in the Dr.Hauschka Range are either organic, bio-dynamic or wild harvested. No synthetic preservatives, colours or artificial fragrances are used.

We are also one of the few authorised re-sellers of the full range of Dr. Hauschka and stock the full range of products for you to try.

Dr.Haucshka 1-Hour Facial - cost £55.00

So that you can experience the relaxation, tranquillity and nourishment of the Dr.Hauschka Treatment as often as you choose, the One Hour Facial offers you the same luxury and quality but in an affordable and convenient 60 minute treatment.