Louise Markham Beauty Therapy

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Aromatherapy £80.00
Completely relax in this 2 hour full body treatment, which begins with a reflex point massage on the feet. A full consultation leads to the preparation of a unique blend of essential oils designed for you and your needs. Then relax while you enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage with holistic healing. A head and scalp massage complete this truly amazing experience.

Hopi Ear Candling £34.00
This treatment is believed to have been practised in ancient civilizations throughout the world but more commonly amongst the American Hopi tribe. They have been used for both healing on a spiritual and a physical level. The gentle warming and cleansing effect of the Biosun candles make it ideal for excessive or compacted wax, unblocking sinuses and regulating pressure in the ears before or after flights, scuba diving, colds and headaches.

Indian Head Massage £31.00
This is a very different style of massage and has to be tried! You sit in a chair fully clothed and no oils are used in this treatment. Specific movements, including vibrations are used to stimulate the head and make you feel literally uplifted. It includes a massage on the shoulders and neck to relax the whole area.